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to support our neighbors. this makes our city great. i want to recognize scott wiener and david is working along broadway and trying to create the newest and freshest districts there. we call it the entertainment district. but getting the businesses up there a little bit better organized so they can welcome the foot traffic and the be automobiles. this is happening all over the districts. it's happening in the valley and others. we have a number of representatives here dan weaver. every time there are those cb ds that are created there's instant on, on going improvements. those improvements are readily felt with our police department as well. when i have people actively engaged in people with the streets people are a lot more conscious and they're looking at out and supporting this project. people are relynn themselves with the neighborhood. this makes our city great. i'm here to thank the people and most importantly it is the move that the local merchants have and they want the city to invest in their neighborhoods. it's a plea for success. who won't want to be here. it's better than the
that done and with that, let me turn it over to my tallest colleague supervisor scott wiener representing the castro valley and great areas. thanks for being here. >> thank you. in this city we know how to get things done. this is one more example. we are going to be ready for the next one and we are going to rebuild from that one as well. i know we are going to be able to get it done and it's great that we do this every year and i want to say how proud i am that we were able to get this soft story legislation done. earthquake preparedness is never easy, it's always controversial, but we did it. thanks, everyone. [ applause ] >> before we bring our mayor up, a quick word from the department of emergency services. a hand for --an. >> thank you, good morning for coming. the entire government and city of san francisco is summed up in one word and we showed it this morning. resilience. we were resilience in 1906 and in 1989 and we will be resilient the next time. we love san francisco. we are ready and prepared. each one of you have to be prepared at home and at work. look at how flexible we
of any major city in the country. i want to thank my colleague scott wiener for helping to showcase the importance of the other nine to five economy. the impact of all that you do has an impact on our job situation and local economy, and to highlight all of the great work that we can do together to ensure that the sectors that you all represent, the sectors that you work for, that you employ people for connaught is one of the greatest sectors in san francisco. i hope we will take the opportunity of the america's cup to showcase our clubs, our restaurants, our nightlife events. as someone who represents the broadaway neighborhood, an area of town that i used to spend a lot of time in when i was in my 20's -- but actually, very few locals take the time to head to the beach on broadway. our neighborhoods are coming together to say that broadway is open to the rest of the world as well as san francisco. i want to put san francisco back on the map when it comes to music. to make sure that we have the type of entertainment that we used to be renowned for. and those of you that work in our
departments to join us. i want to thank scott wiener he's in the house. we've got our public works, we've got both our fire chief and police chief here. we have our transportation director here. our port director is here our park and recreation director. we have environment director here. yes, we of our mayor's office of disabilities here and john is here. we have our arts director here as well tom. i want to also thank all of them. i want to thank the chrnd day kids who are here as well. go get them. and i want to thank especially the president of our san francisco board of education thank you richard important being here. she's all of our school and everybody. lucille thank you for being here. i'm so excited. i'm so excited you, you know, tomorrow the giants starts and i hope some of you are going to be here. i still can't stop celebrating the series in san francisco. two times the last few years this time it was a sweep. when i asked the owner and the whole organization can we work with you? i've been part of an ed lee sweep but not a world series sweep. we took that idea and something tha
, supervisor john avalos as well as supervisor scott wiener. all members of the committee. i would like to thank the members of sfgtv who are filming this meeting. greg bergman and nona melkonian as well as the clerk of the committee, mr. victor young. mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> yes, please turnoff all cell phones and electronic devices. [speaker not understood]. items acted upon today will appear on the april 16, 2013 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay, mr. clerk. can you please call item number 1? >> item number 1, ordinance appropriating $3,749,644 in the sheriff's department, including $3,458,970 from general re serve and $290,674 from state disability claim reimbursement in the amount of $1,197,779 for workers' compensation expense, $3,195,726 for overtime expenditures, and $538,690 for reduction of revenues; including revenue de-appropriation of $538,690 for reduction of state revenues and expenditure de-appropriation of $1,182,551 for permanent salaries and materials and supplies in order to support the sheriff's department projected exp
't have and the number of community dignitaries. i see that we do have supervisor scott wiener, supervisor president of the board of supervisors david chiu, president cisneros, barbara garcia is with us. naomi is going to be part of the program. naomi kelly is with us, kim brandon from the port commission is with us, and a number of others. i'll be getting a list, i'll be able to acknowledge others. i see police chief [speaker not understood] is with us. and as we get other names, we will announce those. so, let's give them all a round of applause, please. (applause) >> as i indicated, you have the program before you. we did one additional note on the program, is that the city administrator naomi kelly will be introducing the mayor lee. and due to scheduling conflict, supervisor london breed will probably be arriving later and will make her welcoming remarks towards the end of the program. following the invocation by reverend harlan jones, nor a griffin will make a presentation, a dramatic presentation on the negro national anthem which will be followed by the singing of the negro national
and scott wiener and we'll be joined shortly by other commissioners. david campos. clerk of the committee is erica chang. i want to thank s fgtv sta
to the transportation authority. my name is avalos. joined to my left by commissioner cohen and scott wiener and we'll be joined shortly by other commissioners. david campos. clerk of the committee is erica chang. i want to thank s fgtv staff for broadcasting. are there any announcements? >> there are no announcements. any comments or questions? we can go to public comment. public comment is now open and we can close public comment. colleagues. a motion from the commissioner cohen and commissioner wiener. we'll take that without objection. let's go to next item >> executive director this is an information item. >> great. >> fong, as the clerk says this is an update from the director recruitment. we have today from the hawkins team and they will report what they will be doing in the last two weeks. they are meeting with stake holders and the board of supervisors and scheduled to meet with various county san francisco agencies. i would like to bring them up to walk you through their attachments. we have unattachment on page 9 is the schedule which you have seen before at the last meetings. we are a
, london breed, scott wiener and john avalos. i would like to thank the members of sfgvtv as well as the clerk of the committee, victor young. do we have announcements? >> the clerk: please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. copies should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon will appear on the april 9 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> chair farrell: thank you very much. mr. clerk, can you please call item one. >> the clerk: 1. hearing to review the impact of illegal manipulation of the london inter-bank offered rate on san francisco's finances; to explore options to recover any losses; and to review any interest rate swaps or other financial instruments the city is engaged in that may have excessive interest rates or fees that should be renegotiated. >> chair farrell: thank you very much, mr. clerk. this hearing was called for by supervisor john avalos and cosponsored by supervisor campos. so i will turn it over to supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. chair, thank you for hearing this item. colleagues, this is an item i
couldn't be here. to my left is norman yee and sitting in is scott wiener. our clerk is derek evans. please give announcements. >> please silent all cell phones and electronic devices and speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items today will be on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. we're have six items on the agenda. we're going to move quickly one through five so we can get to the hearing on pedestrian safety and chaired by norman yee and another one by supervisor breed as well. mr. evans please call item one. >> item one is consider the issuance of on site liquor license for dion cheng and rachel cheng at 543 2nd street. >> thank you. i believe we have a staff report on this. let me just say that is there a staff report from inspector vancoal or others on this item? >> inspector keller san francisco police department alcohol liaison unit. raichian cheng has filed a application with california alcohol and beverage control seeking type 42 on sale liquor license for 543 2nd street. this location is midblock on second street between brandon and bryant
, and supervisor scott wiener and david campos, and the commission of the police department, and friends and staff and friends and family here to witness the promotion of 56 officers of our police department. you know many of you have heard me say in the city that we are the world passage, and rightly so. we are doing things that no other city is doing to lead the way. not just for economic recovery but job creation. showing the way. and our mission bay and biotech, the latest discovers and drugs, the cure of cancer with residents of san francisco working there. we host the biggest and best conventions in the world to bring people together in this great city to do things that collaborate with each other. whether it's business or medicine or research. we have some of the best research and diversity here that are anchoring the discovery. at the same time we host some of the best sports teams in the world. and you know that we are winning the world series and collaborative teamwork that we are doing. or trying to make five more yards in some super bowl. this is a world-class city. and because it is,
officials in the room. supervisor carmen chu and scott wiener and supervisor eight district san francisco monique myoand executive director port of the san francisco and general forerodney phoning, president of s f planning commission and, from the city of oakland. deana santana city mr., fred blab below assistant city administrator robert bert bra burn director on the board and councilmember knoll gallow district five. city attorney, barbara parker, debra ally smith director port of oakland so we have our two port directors in the room which, is wonderful and if i miss someone please forgive me or come up and harass me about it latter. we had a. q. year at the business times, i'll say in 2012 and everything is up, print six declaration, web audience one .2 million page views a month and growing advertising is up and so far so good in 2013. we made our first month, all right so that is always a good way to start the year, so. i hope you subscribe. i hope you also receive all of the digital information the expanding array of information we send out in that way if you don't subscri
is scott wiener. i am the chairman of the committee. to my right is supervisor jane kim, the committee vice chair, and to my left is supervisor david chiu, member of the committee. i'd like to thank sfgtv staff nona melkonian and jesse larsen for broadcasting and recording today's proceedings. i want to note two things. first, we do have an overflow room which is in room 250, which is the main board chambers. and what i will say is for folks who testify, and if you would like, it would be helpful if you would consider then watching the remainder of the proceeding in the main board chambers. you don't have to, but it's an option so you can give other people an opportunity to come into the board chamber. in addition, if you do intend to make public comment, we have blue cards in the front of the room. i believe they are also in the overflow chamber. please fill one out so that we can call people and have your name in writing which makes things a lot easier when the clerk is preparing the minutes. ms. miller, do you have any announcements? >> yes. please make sure to silence all cell phones an
supervisor scott wiener has joined us here this evening. someone who we all know. (applause) >> has done an amazing job in district 8 and making that a wonderful place to live for thousands of residents there, including my father. so, thank you very much. he thanks you. fourth generation, you know? without further ado i'd like to invite someone who was standing on the stage just last year wearing a different uniform, stunning us all with her well deserved award as a most empowering city employee, that is lucinda from the fire department to do the next award for nerc. (applause) >> thank you, i want to say on behalf of chief hayes white who could not be here tonight nert is a [speaker not understood] with the community of san francisco. the marina navy demanded training. 23 plus years later the fire department is still working with the community on this great program. we have great training and support for what you do in your neighborhood. the neighborhood that you live in, the earthquake knows no boundaries, the earthquake does not pay attention to that. we're all going to be in this tog
development committee. i am scott wiener the chair of the committee. to my left is david chiu a member of the committee and joining shortly is supervisor zane kim the vice chair of the committee. i want to thank sfgtv for broadcasting today's hearing and staff and i would like to just start this hearing with a moment of silence for the victims of the bombing at the boston marathon so if we could just observe a moment of silence. okay thank you. so as i think you can see we have quite a packed agenda today and turn up of the public i think reflects that. we have an over flow room in 250 and i also want to note those that are here for item number six, the condominium conversion measure. that is the last item on the agenda, so if you're so inclined if in here come back so people hear for other agenda items are come in i invite you to do that but you don't have to. also for all items if you could fill out a blue card and which agenda item you would like to speak about and that will facilitate public comment and one title thing if you're here for hearing four which is a hearing i call
, so i want to thank supervisor kim for the new signage that was put up there, sore maybe scott wiener but somebody -- definitely my coming here often enough and talking about traffic calming at that intersection is really important, but fixing the sidewalks in front of little hollywood laundromat and the orbit room and hhp would help a lot. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is [inaudible]. i'm a resident of district 6 which is the most dangerous area in the city to live and to work for all the pedestrians. as a [inaudible] member our family created soma's safe route to meetings which we identified the most dangerous crosswalk here near betty carmichael and the biggest concern for the family is the safety of the children and families that those schools and go to work. we want to have enforcement that we ask the board to make sure that the mayor's strategy is prioritized where it will save lives especially in soma area. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is an gellia [inaudible] and i am with som com. we would like to than
, supervisor london breed, and supervisor scott wiener. i would like to thank the members of sfgtv covering this meeting today, greg burk and jennifer low as well the clerk of this committee, victor young. do we have any announcements? >> yes, please turnoff all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and any documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 23rd, 2013 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> all right, mr. clerk, we're going to do a few at least one item out of order here. can you please call item number 4? >> item number 4, hearing to receive an update on the department of public works budget for fiscal year 2013-2014 and fiscal year 2014-2015. >> all right, thank you very much. we have mr. [speaker not understood], our director of public works to present. >> good afternoon, supervisors. okay, thank you. to present our budget overview for next year, i have a few slides and i believe you have the presentation before you. the vision of our department to continue t
the longest commute prize but that's still to be determined and supervisors mar, campos and scott wiener walked in this morning as well. thanks everybody for walking in and of course this wouldn't be possible without our sponsors so i wanted to thank especially presenting sponsors paramount group and invite the president mike sanchez. >> good morning. glad to be here today with you. we are very proud to be the prime sponsor or the first ever walk to workday. we are glad it's happening in san francisco. paramount group is an environmentally and socially forward real estate company. we own one market plaza downtown. we also own 75 howard which is an 8-story parking garage. we hope we will be able to demolish the 8 story parking garage and build walkable transit friendly housing. restaurants and open space along the embarcadero that all of san francisco can enjoy everyday. paramount group participation reflects our focus on being a healthy or part of a healthy walkable and safe city. that's why in our existing buildings like one market we've made extra rooms for bikes, we've created showers
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 101 (some duplicates have been removed)